Bootyca Warrior Queen Part 1: Captured Prey

Have they told you why you’ve been brought to me?

No, Queen.

They are weak, and have no appetite for bloodletting. I however… have many appetites!

Today my appetite growls for your head! Ah, but look, you have two for me to choose from!

Mmm… perhaps I shall have them both today!

Don’t look so relieved. I WILL have them both, fiercely and without mercy! Surely you don’t think I am soft and gentle? Oh no, far from it! You are simply a meal, a snack, an… appetizer for my appetites! Prepare to be devoured! It won’t be my last meal, but it will be yours … as the guest entree!

To Be Continued….

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Grain-y in the Bin

What could possibly be sexy about an old empty grain bin….

…I’m glad you asked, and I think you will be too!

I was initially very disappointed in this shoot; grainy, too dark and yet too bright, blurry and indistinct .

I shared a few shots with our wonderful NPE, and within his reaction was the word ‘gritty’, as in an esthetic. I finally saw it; ‘grainy’ was perfect!

I am hoping to redo this shoot with better lighting, but really, the attitude I was lookinfog for, the feel, it’s here, and it felt just as wonderfully raw and gritty and carnal as it looks.

NPE & LBD @ OLT – The Abbreviated Version

NPE and I took a short trip to Oklahoma recently. Seems like an unlikely place for a resort of any type, but to find a naturist resort beautifully tucked away in the middle of the ultra-conservative Midwest seemed almost too good to be true!

But it’s actually there, and it’s absolutely beautiful!

Oak Lake Trails is very Oklahoma; rural, outdoorsy, simple, and surprisingly beautiful and serene.

As the name implies, there is a ‘lake’, though technically it’s probably a ‘pond’. Either way, it’s lovely…

…and inspires conversations far deeper than its depth, and relaxation far wider then its breadth.

The main draw for us was the 6mi of wooded hiking trails. Ah, what lovely wood nymphs we made, and what spectacular wood NPE was sporting! The feeling was the purest of enjoyment; sun dappled shade, caressing cool breezes, the unobstructed kiss of nature on every inch of skin … spiderwebs… yeah, not so nice there, nor the (rare) bugs.

But what’s the most soothing thing you can possibly do after a nice warm hike? Relax in a blissfully cool pool! Floating on my back fully nude on the cool water, soaking up the sunshine – THIS is the pinnacle of sunbathing! Truly the deepest state of well-being I’ve achieved in recent memory!

Photo credits: NPE No Pants Endurance

Keep an eye out on Braindrops for the full story of our precious few hours at OLT!